Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Moms Think Alike Wednesday

It's Great Moms Think Alike Wednesday over at The Unexpected Mom and today's prompt is what would you say in a letter to your pre-kiddo self...

Dear pre-kiddo self,

You will hate being pregnant. You will worry that there is something wrong with you because you hate it so much.

Your OBGYN for your first child will be a horrible person but, you will find a wonderful doctor mid-pregnancy who will deliver you at 29 weeks.

It will be very scary and you will spend 47 days by your son's side in the NICU.

You will realize that you are a thousand times stronger than you think you are.

You won't lose your pregnancy weight after your first child.

You will get pregnant with your second child before you are ready and you will hate being pregnant AGAIN.

You will realize the symptoms of pre-eclampsia earlier than your first pregnancy and will spend 2 weeks on bed rest.

You will lose your pregnancy weight after your second child...yay!

You will love your children more than you can ever imagine and they will amaze you every day.

You will throw yourself a private party when your husband volunteers to get a vasectomy.


  1. 47 days... wow, that takes strength. stopping by from the blog hop!

  2. I can relate to so many of those. I never "loved" being pregnant either. I love our girls, but I was happy to have them out!!
    Thanks for following my blog! Can't wait to read more of yours too :)

  3. I with you ~ not a huge fan of being pregnant!! I did have a little happy dance moment when the husband took care of it! I even thought at that time, shouldn't I feel a little sad...but nope! Congratulations on the Baby Weight!!

  4. I adored being pregnant for the most part but so many people have the opposite experience. The good news is, although pregnancy seems to last forever, it doesn't and the prize is so worth the wait!

  5. I left you an award at Organized Chaos!! It's the Stylish Blogger Award!! ;)