Friday, May 28, 2010

And I'd Like to Thank...

Kristen over at Just Thinking for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! This is my first award so, it's pretty exciting for me. In order to accept the award you must...
  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award along to 15 or so bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
So, thanks again Kristen!! And here are my 7 things...

  1. I love to sleep. If I could sleep in until noon every day I would be the happiest person on the planet. This doesn't work very well with having an 18 month old!
  2. Cooking is one of my passions. I love finding new recipes and trying them out. My latest adventure was homemade Oatmeal Creme Pies, like the Little Debbie ones. They were amazing. I'll share them later!
  3. I have 3 tattoos. Two on my back, a moon with a little star and a sun. The other one is a Horned Frog on my left ankle. The Horned Frog was my school mascot at TCU. Go FROGS!!
  4. I was in marching band from 9th grade until I graduated college, and I am only now starting to understand football.
  5. I was born in Pennsylvania but, I have lived in Texas since I was 4. I grew up north of Houston and have lived in DFW for 11 years. I'm a Texas girl at heart.
  6. I hate being pregnant! After Baby Girl is born in August we are done. I never wanted more than two kids but, the whole being pregnant thing made it official for me. I'm not a fan of sleeplessness (see #1), living in my bathroom, and stretching my body in odd ways!
  7. I have an irrational fear of fish. I'm afraid they will jump out of their bowls or aquariums and flop on me. Ugh, it makes me shudder just thinking about it.
Okay, I'm only going to pass this to two people because I think it makes it more special so,
Monica over at Organized Chaos!! and
Stephanie at Sand and Starfish

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I am honored Christine thank you so much! By the way, I didn't enjoy being pregnant either! Love the end result, but not the 9 months - oh it's really 10 isn't. They don't tell you that before you get preggo :) You have a fabulous, relaxing day!!