Friday, May 21, 2010

DIY Step Stool

Recently, C and I have been battling it out over brushing his teeth. He refuses to let me help him but, he won't do it himself. Every night before bed I cringe as we get ready for our routine. He screams when I go anywhere near his mouth with the toothbrush. He loves to brush Mom and Dad's teeth though. So, my mom suggested getting him a little stool to stand on in the bathroom so that he can see himself in the mirror. I wanted a really cute step stool but, the ones I found were anywhere from $40-$100, it was crazy!

So, I thought I can do this myself. I'm sort of crafty! Here is what I came up with...

I found this stool at Hobby Lobby for $7.99, it is a natural wood stool. I forgot to take a picture of it before I painted it.

The paint I had was paint left over from when we painted the nursery, a light blue and navy blue. I painted the whole stool with the light blue paint.Hobby Lobby also has these cute wooden cut-outs that are already painted for $.67. You can use them for all kinds of stuff. I bought four of them, two whales and two octupi and using crazy glue, once the paint was dry, glued them to each side.

On the top of the stool I free-handed the letters for C's name. His full name is Christopher but, that's a little long so, I just did Chris. This is the one thing that the next time I make one of these I'll probably use a stencil for. I used a pencil to draw the letters then painted them in with the navy blue paint. I bought a white paint pen to outline the letters once they were dry.

For about $14 I made a cute little stool all by myself and saved at least $40.

C loves his stool but, still won't brush his teeth!


  1. from the mom loop's follow friday...that is such a creative idea! I might have to do that!

  2. Very cute and creative, I LOVE hobby lobby!! Went there just last week for some bake sale supplies, and left with much more!!


  3. Cute idea! I definitely need to try this! My son hates me brushing his teeth too but loves to brush mine! I will try the stool trick and let you know! ;-)

  4. Turned out great! I really like that blue color. Looks like something he'll enjoy using.


  5. This is great! We had a stool in front of the sink for years with my kids and it makes them more independent and able to take care of themselves. I'm still learning how capable they really are if we just teach them how to do things themselves. Your stool is great Christine. :)

  6. I think I will put that on my to do list for this weekend. Following you from friendly friday!