Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bed Rest Day 3... Things They Don't Tell You

Here it is, day 3 in the hospital. So far, I've been pretty optimistic. I can make it through the next 3 weeks on bed rest either in or out of the I discovered it gets harder to be optimistic as the days drag on.

Thankfully, hubby brought the laptop yesterday which helps pass a few hours at a time. He also came by again today with C for a few hours and that helped a lot. The downside...they came to take my blood pressure while the family was here and it had sky rocketed. It has since gone down slightly which is good.

So, the things your doctor doesn't tell you about when you might have to go on bed rest...

1. Obviously, it sucks

2. Even though your bed goes up and down you are supposed to stay flat. You can only sit up to eat.

3. Because you aren't moving, your bowels won't move... yup, no poop

4. TV gets old after while, even if you don't usually have access to cable.

5. Doing nothing makes you tired but, it's hard to sleep.

6. Every day on bed rest keeps your baby out of the NICU three extra days... a nurse told me this today, I don't know if it's actually true.

As I think of more, I'll add them. So far, it's looking like I'm going to be enjoying and extended stay here at Presby Dallas. We should find out more on Monday. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


  1. Could you use a visitor? Alan is off on Monday and I could come by. If so, please let me know if there is anything you need me to bring you? My sister always demands chapstick while in the hospital - I don't know why, but even if you want chapstick, I can bring it! haha! HUGS, girl! Emily M.

  2. Sending good thought y'all's way! Hang in there! :-)

  3. I can only imagine how hard it must be, maybe the husband could have a someone come in for a pregnancy massage, I here they are wonderful!!

    Continued thoughts and prayers!! Keep smiling!!

    Blessings, Monica