Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Been a Rough Day

Okay fabulous readers, I'm taking a time-out from deals and house stuff. For the past two days I have been chilling in my very own roof/parking garage view room of the hospital. At 33 weeks, my blood pressure has started to inch up into Pre-eclampsia territory.

The good news... I'm 4 weeks more pregnant this time than with C. Which means if delivery happens early, less time in the NICU. To read more about C's story go here.

The bad news... I'm being monitored until at least Monday, and may be here for 3.5 more weeks until I hit 37 and can deliver or, I can go home Monday for 3.5 weeks of bed rest at home.

The other bad news... The Illinois job fell through, we're not moving, we're taking the house off the market.

It's safe to say, it has been a rough few days for my family. We're holding together and hubby is being a champ staying with C. Uncle J is pretty awesome too, watching C yesterday for 7 hours and changing his first diaper!

So, I've now joined the ranks of the bed resting mommas. I have limited access to the internet but, I'll try to come up with some fun posts on how to survive bed rest!


  1. Honey, been there done that with bed rest. Keep yourself sane with an online class, chatting, reading or something. YIKES, I had two months of bed rest while awaiting Zephyr's arrival but, so worth the wait and frustration.

    Many prayers for happiness,
    Nice to meet ya,
    Found you on Texas Blogging Gals,

  2. Way to stay positive - I will say a prayer! You need your rest!! I left you an award at Organized Chaos, but do not feel obligated, anyone would understand if you are not up to it!

    Take Care
    Blessings, Monica