Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Makers of Jeans

Dear Makers of Jeans,

Just because I have big hips does not mean I have a big waist and thighs. Just because my backside is small does not mean that I want it to look like I have a flat back side. It doesn't make sense that my jeans give me muffin top but I still have to pull them up. Although I am in my 20's I don't want my butt to hang out the back of low rise jeans. Even though I am a mom, I don't want to wear mom jeans. Please make a pair of jeans that fits a normal person.

Thank you.


  1. LOL!!! Too funny!!! I'm 44 and feel your pain. I REFUSE to ever wear MOM jeans. I am constantly tugging and pulling at my jeans (or my daughters jeans when I wear those) LOL!!! I don't want to wear mom jeans but seriously....I have a problem with a two inch zipper and my bootie trying to pop out of the back everytime I move. :)

  2. unfortunately..."Mom" jeans are back in style...I'm seeing them in all of the magazines...and all I can think of is the 80's! I like the Old Navy Sweet Heart Jean...it's a mid rise, keeps all of my "pregnancy" Battle scars well tucked away, but not too tucked! :)
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  3. lol omg I cannot find jeans to fit me at all! I'm petite and always pulling jeans up and they never fit right around my non-existant backside. I'm still in search for the perfect jeans!

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